Shapley Research Associates - Specializing in educational research, evaluation, and policy studies


About Shapley Research Associates

Shapley Research Associates is a Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) founded in 2006. We provide consulting and professional services that help clients address their informational needs or answer questions about programs, projects, policies, processes, personnel, and performance. Our firm offers a variety of services; for example, we…

  • Conduct evaluations of programs, products, and training
  • Develop theoretical frameworks or logic models for programs/projects
  • Develop evaluation designs for grant applications
  • Serve as an external evaluator for grants
  • Design questionnaires, protocols, and observation forms
  • Design systems for measuring implementation fidelity
  • Conduct surveys online or in paper/pencil format
  • Conduct on-site interviews, focus groups, and observations
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Generate reports, briefs, articles, and presentations
  • Assist other research organizations with projects as a partner/subcontractor
  • Provide technical assistance services

Our Core Values
Collaboration. We foster collaborative relationships with clients and stakeholders through initial face-to-face meetings that help us understand informational needs, clarify goals and expectations, and prioritize resources. We then provide feedback throughout the project that allows for mid-course adjustments (via email, telephone, conference calls, meetings, progress and interim reports).

Rigor. Our work is guided by rigorous research principles and evaluation standards, including the principles of scientific inquiry (Shavelson & Towne, 2002) and program evaluation standards (The Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, 1994).

Utilization. We ensure the utility of our products by striving to meet client and stakeholder interests and needs, tailoring products for intended users, ensuring timeliness (meeting interim and final deadlines), interpreting results accurately and clearly, and making practical/useful recommendations.

Our Expertise
Shapley Research Associates brings a broad range of experiences to our work. We have significant content expertise in the following areas.

Education Reform and Technology

Special Populations

  • Comprehensive school reform
  • Educational technology
  • Administrative leadership
  • Middle and high school reform
  • Charter schools
  • Accountability systems
  • Academic assessments
  • Students at risk
  • Special education
  • English language learners
  • Gifted and talented
  • Early childhood
  • Adolescents


Teaching and Learning

  • Teacher knowledge and development
  • Instructional strategies and models
  • Student knowledge and development
  • Learning and motivation theory
  • Academic performance
  • College and work readiness

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Content standards
  • Content-related programs
  • Learning programs/systems
  • Advanced academic programs

Parent Involvement

Moreover, we actively seek to expand the reach of our work through partnerships and collaborations with other content-area experts in the areas of school finance and cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses in education.



Shapley Research Associates - Specializing in educational research, evaluation, and policy studies

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